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iPhone App for LadiesSafe

With a unique premise, the iPhone app being developed for LadiesSafe is an exciting development for us.

Their press release reads:

We are a social network – 'friends' can be categorised to see who is close by on GPS mapping functionality; you can share potential threats and select a security buddy. Ladies in the city also integrates with existing social networking sites.

We promote and influence social justice – Ladies in the city allows you to inform your network on missing friends/family and assist police with their public appeals on all matters pertinent to victimisation against women and children by broadcasting real time information.

Imagine you are heading out on a date or to a business meeting appointment and you would like somebody to know where you're going and when you're expected back. You log in and input your details. If you don't return as expected, your buddies are immediately notified.

It is expected to be launched into the AppStore in the Summer of 2014.

Published on 24/03/2014