Systems Development

Consolidation and centralisation – the buzzwords for streamlining your day!

More and more organisations and companies are realising that a streamlined office is a more productive office, so whether it is legacy database systems, redundant contact lists or simply too many programs doing too many jobs, we will help you to take stock and see what’s what.

We are now more and more often being asked to develop internal applications that offer a consolidated solution that takes a multitude of factors into account and comes up with a system that enhances functionality and makes things easier to manage and more usable.

A simpler and modern solution also allows data to be more readily reused and deployed and we are developing the majority of back-office systems to be integrated and implemented in a web environment, whether internally or secured externally.

If data structures don’t need to be redeveloped, we can also develop synchronisation applications that ensure that data updated offline within localised or remote databases is kept in-line with online data.

We aim to solve the problems of using multiple, disparate systems by bringing them together into a single, functional system.

Client Systems Include:

► Intranet based real-time KPI analysis and reporting - Astute
► Geographic analysis tools for partner analysis - EMC
► Sales and real-time lead generation reports - Virgin Media Business (Astute)
► BPO statistic analysis tools - Nelson Hall (Zend and PHP Frameworks)
► Full destination and office management system - Discover Adventure
► Online reporting and analysis tools – Tx Reports
►CRM and estimating/quotation tools – Craftwood Interiors