bLive CMS

A fully browser based content management system that combines key features with a simple, intuitive and fast interface.

bLive is our own bespoke content management system that is continuously improved, based on user feedback. It is also our response to the tide of semi-customised off-the-shelf CMS solutions that are currently flooding the market.

bLive has been devised to offer a fully browser-based administration system that allows even the most pc-phobic user, an easy and straightforward means of building, maintaining and managing their website.

In technical terms, this means that the entire website is driven off a centrally controlled database which is configured and controlled via a browser and bLive.

The design and build of the site uses the content within this database to display on the website, so whenever an update is required, a simple change to the database content, updates the content on the live Internet site - no more time-consuming and costly maintenance.

The technology behind bLive is such that the site is infinitely expandable and can grow as your business grows.

From an initial 'core system' which includes full page and image editing components and HTML mailing lists, you can add modular components like e-commerce functionality, reporting and demographic functions, CRM and customer management features, restricted areas, document downloads and much more. 

See how we apply this within the Education market.