a solution that is cost effectivE and future proof

Whether you task us with delivering a feasibility study on the potential of an intranet, consultation and project management, or commissioning us for the 'whole hog', we can offer you a wealth of expertise on delivering a private network system that will enhance the day-to-day running of your company or organisation.

Having helped develop one of the world's first two-site intranet sites for Grand Metropolitan in the late 1990's through to designing and developing the pan-global intranet for the Mitsubishi Corporation in 2015, we understand the logistic and corporate challenges of an intranet transformation project.

Intranet design is not simply about a corporate internet site, instead it needs to be considered as a tool to keep people informed, up-to-date and interested - whether that’s 10 users, or 10,000!

Design, implementation and management are all aspects that we pride ourselves on. We have a detailed working knowledge of internal communication systems, which is a vital aspect in the planning and organisation of an intranet development.

Great designs and wonderful functionality are all very well, but without purpose and direction many companies and sites soon realise the cost of lack of forethought.

Future-proofing and pre-design consultancy are things that we are very aware of and readily advise on.

Our innovative content management system bLive was developed initially for intranet use and gives clients complete control and administration capabilities of their site which means that the future is truly in their hands!

With so many years experience with intranet creation for major blue-chip clients, we can offer a complete and thorough consultancy service to find out exactly what your needs are, and then offer you a solution that is cost effective and future-proof.





After winning a multi-agency pitch for the design and development of an intranet platform for Mitsubishi Corporation’s regional offices in Europe and Africa in 2014, we continue to improve and enhance the site with locally-specific content.

This regional intranet challenges the notion that intranet platforms are unexciting and static, and the site stands out in terms of  its bold use of graphics, imagery and colour. Featuring a large library of information and resources, the site has gained a high uptake of use with it rapidly becoming business critical in terms of disseminating information to the company’s regional employees.

Technically the site is built around our core bLive content management system with a series of custom components and integrations creating a client-centred application.

Manager of Corporate Communications and Sustainability Department for Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc, Steve Woerner said: “Blue Level has been extremely helpful in explaining how to use the bLive system and in helping us turn our concepts for improvements to our design, into a reality."