13 August 2021
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A scorching Summer update!

Hope you're all staying safe and healthy! Just another quick check-in from the Blue Level team. We've been kept busy by a whole variety of products, ranging from independent schools all the way up to global corporations like Dell, some of which we touched on in our previous update.


Our long-standing relationship with Driver Group ( continues, and we've recently completed some work to make their global enterprise even more international, with the addition of foreign language versions. Our team came up with an ingenious solution to integrate translated content into the site seamlessly, so prepare for global Driver domination.


In July, we were thrilled to facilitate the launch of TGO Activate (, an exciting new platform for fitness, health, and wellness. They've launched with an exclusive partnership with Marks & Spencer, so you might have seen the site on your Sparks app! It's been a long process, but it's great to have it out in the world and being used to inspire people to get outside and looking after themselves.

Wells City Council

Our first city council! The second smallest city in the country, but a city nonetheless. We're excited to be working with the city of Wells (famously the filming location for Hot Fuzz) on their new council and tourism websites. I'm sure whatever happens will be done for "the greater good"!

The Willows Primary School

We've formed a brand new partnership with The Willows Primary school in Newbury, and we will be redeveloping their website, and providing photography, video, and drone footage services to ensure they have an engaging, energetic online window to their vibrant school.


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