01 April 2017
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Anniversaries, new year, new website

2017 marks 20 years since we started delivering 'web' solutions

In 1997 Hyperion Media was formed to deliver what was then, a shockingly different approach to marketing. Using new technology known as the World Wide Web and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) we built one of the first intranet solutions for, at the time, the biggest hospitality and food and drinks manufacturing business, Grand Metropolitan.

Roll forward 20 years and we're still building intranets (the most recent by building the worldwide intranet for the international behemoth the Mitsubishi Corporation) and delivering cutting-edge solutions to a broad range of national and international clients.

Naturally, over 20 years and 6 versions of our websites we've accrued a lot of news which, whilst really good at showing who we've worked with, isn't very relevant 20 years later. Therefore we've not copied it all over!

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